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The Wall
The Wall
Death does accompany this man, adherent, though, not friend. A tool at times, but never loved, a means to bitter end.
There is a wall on Coruscant, black marble, smooth and cold.
There is a wall on Coruscant, two thousand steps, all told.
There is a wall on Coruscant, framed by eternal flames.
There is a wall on Coruscant that bears a million names.
A million names cut into stone, a million men are dead.
A single name is missing there, just one remains unread.
Two thousand steps he walks along, to pay his last respects.
The sole survivor, he's the one that Death always rejects.
He parts the masses milling there, the gawkers drawing back,
The mourners he just passes by, a wraith clad all in black.
The memories that haunt their minds, they follow in his wake,
Reflections staring from the stone, they paid for pride's mistake.
He cannot say he grieves for all, some did deserve no less.
But countless lives were squandered there, the Emp'ror to impress.
He halts where
:iconmalicean:Malicean 6 4
Drago Bentley Issue 7 Cover :icondave-acosta:Dave-Acosta 12 6 Game of Thrones - House Lannister :icontyrinecarver:TyrineCarver 118 33


Magnifique Noir Battle
Here is the lineart for a piece I did for Briana Lawrence's MagnifiqueNoir book. If you are looking for more representation in comics, this is the book for you. Please do yourself a favor and check out for more info. Also Nick Minor from :iconradiant-grey: did some kick ass colors for this, so check out his page as well. 
Paper Terminal Valentine
This is a sketch I did for :icontyrinecarver: as a Valentine's Day present. These are the characters featured in her Paper Terminal visual novel. You can find out more about it here…
8bit Spiderman cover
Make sure to check out the first issue of 8-bit at!

Art by Wil Woods and Tyrine Carver


WiL-Woods's Profile Picture
Wil Woods
United States
Current Residence: Metropolis, IL
Favourite style of art: Comic
Favourite cartoon character: Cobra Commander, Soundwave, Captain N
8-Bit! Issue 1 Cover by WiL-Woods
I have officially launched my 1st web-comic entitled, 8-Bit! It is a project that I have put a lot of heart and soul into and I hope you will be kind enough to give it a read. New pages go up at 12:00 am every Wednesday. 

I will also be running a feature once a month in which I showcase a guest artist doing a parody/homage style ad featuring the characters of 8-Bit! If you like what you see and are interested in having your work featured, email me at  Please include a link to your work and include your commission prices. (yes, this is a paid gig)

If you like what you see, please spread the word!!





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